All Saints Sunday In Remembrance Nov 4, 2018

Jay Schnell  family friend of June Lenig 
George Senne friend of Scott Lenig
Paul Depoy husband of Geraldine Depoy
Jacob Lewis son of James & Dawn Lewis friend of Wayne & Shirley Kirkham
Matthew Flagg son of Sue Flagg
Dave McClain brother of Sue Hughes
Mike Kuhn friend of Iva Wasielewski & Linda Everingham
Judy Fernandez friend of Dave & Bette Schaefer
Eric Fritzen son of James & Thelma Fritzen
Ken Porter husband of Ella Porter father of Hugh, Kent, Kirk &Brett 
Ervin Schroeder brother in law of Mike & Deb Harris
Theresa Kellems cousing June Lenig
Carolyn Wasmund mother Sue/Neal Syverson
Lucille Kuntz grandmother Sue/Neal Syverson​​​

On this day we prayerfully remember all our loved ones, who are now at rest in Your arms eternally. Thank You for our memories and good times shared. Deepen our Faith and strengthen our Hope that one day we too will stand before You ready to enter Your Holy Kingdom.  Amen..

These loved ones of our church family passed away within this past year. They remain in our hearts always. And forever in our memories... 

We bless your holy name, O God,
      for all your servants who, having

finished their course,
      now rest from their labors.
Give us grace to follow the example
      of their steadfastness and faithfulness,
      to your honor and glory;
through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

2/2/2018       Ron Harenza                      Long time Friend Wayne& Shirley Kirkham

7/23/2018     Roger Willams                   Nephew Wayne & Shirley Kirkham

9/2018           Marilyn Nowatzke             Friend of Wayne & Shirley Kirkham

10/2018         Pre Morris                           Friend Wayne & Shirley Kirkham

09/2018         Julie DeYoung                    Cousin Paul Iwaszewski

10/8/2018      Richard Knowlton Jr         Nephew Joe & Susan Knowlton

10/08/2018     Jacob Grott                        Family friend of Jeff & Bobette Elkins

7/22/2018       John Nowak                       Cousin Pastor JoEllyn

8/3/2018         Irene Nowak                       Aunt Pastor JoEllyn

10/17/2018     Lois Marie Thomas            Friend Pastor JoEllyn

10/27/2018    Laurie J. Anderson              Server at Jennie Rae’s Iva Wasielewski

3/17/2013      Glenna Williamson             Wife, Jim Williamson

9/14/2007      Betty Poole                          Mother Karen Fitzgerald & Steve Poole

5/2/2001        Hubert Poole                       Father Karen Fitzgerald & Steve Poole

James Stoehr  son Shirley & Wayne Kirkham       

Dorothy Masek   grandmother of Denny Masek

Beverly Hebert    aunt of Bette Schaefer & Deb Harris

Albert Brown husband of Donna Brown (Mary Kessler sister)

Betty Bagwell sister of June Lenig

Marcia Porter    wife of Charlie, daughter of Nellie Jones

Nathan Courtney son of  Craig & Susan Courtney friend of Pastor JoEllyn

Maureen Sherrill aunt of Mike & Debbie Harris

Loretta Coleman aunt of Bruce Wordinger

Chuck Lenig husband of Alice Lenig

Garnett Schreiber cousin June Lenig

June Ebel aunt of Mike & Deb Harris

Al Starnes father of Chris Starnes/Gail Dailey

​​November 5, 2017 Saints Remembered....

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10/17/2017   Teresa Kellems                  Cousin June Lenig

5/30/2018     Richard Sherwood            Brother-in-law June Lenig

10/1/2018      Patricia Shinn                   Cousin June Lenig

10/20/2018    Marilyn Allison                 Aunt June Lenig

9/30/2018      Marilyn Nelson Lenig       Sister-in-law of the Lenig Family

1/6/2018        Joyce Whan                       Sister Sue Flagg

2/25/2018     Ray McCarty                      Son-in-law Ben & Karen Rison

2/28/2018     Gloria Neff                         Special Friend Tom & Jackie Wheatbrook

9/14/2018     Tim Neff                              Special Friend Tom & Jackie Wheatbrook

2/27/2018     Evelyn Houser                     Mother Kathy Crass

10/29/1990    Jerry Houser                     Father Kathy Crass, brother Donna Cain

6/10/2018     Roberta Fisher                   Special Friend of Many @ RPUMC

6/26/2018     Kathy Pask                          Mother Joe & Pam Pask

6/28/2018     Carol Lidgard                     Classmate of Sharon Campos

7/11/2018     Pam Sudlow                       Daughter of Joyce Blint

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